Employment and labour criminal law in facility management




Legal issues in relation to employment law and social welfare law are becoming increasingly more complex in particular in the area of facility management which is especially labour intensive and characterised by the use of subcontractors and outside staff.
This underlines the importance of predictive consulting and sustainable advice in order to avoid costly disputes with own employees, service providers and authorities. This particularly applies to the liability of the operator for the payment of the minimum wage to the service provider and subcontractor and its employees and the increasing punishment and pursuance of the prevailing criminal offences and fines.

One of our core approaches is therefore the implementation of guidelines for compliance with employment law for operators and service providers within the scope of human resource management and the routine auditing of the service providers used by the operator.

Our services for you:

  • Risk minimisation in the area of the liability of contractors and general contractors and the liability of the operator and its bodies and representatives according to labour criminal law
  • Auditing of service providers and subcontractors with regard to compliance to employment law and social welfare law and ordinance in addition to safety, information and protection regulations and the respectively applicable collective bargaining regulations
  • Design and implementation of compliance guidelines, working conditions, working time models and remuneration models
  • Consulting and support for projects with business process outsourcing and human resource management
  • Enforcement and defence of your rights in and out of court



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