Restructuring and insolvency consulting for the health and welfare industry


​"We only take on specialist projects where we can ensure excellent quality!"


There are many reasons which can lead to the triggering of a corporate crisis. Therefore specialist expertise of the sector is required to resolve such crises. Our interdisciplinary team of experts in the area of health and welfare industry provides the expertise for the benefit of your company.
We support and advise you at the critical stage and during restructuring, including the organisation of all structures and procedures. Furthermore, our work continues after the submission of written expert reports and concepts. We also support and advise you with the actual implementation of the measures and on request also provide assistance with the provision of an interim manager (chief risk officer).


Our services for you:

  • Management consulting services for the top management

    - Avoidance/reduction of liability risks relating to civil and criminal proceedings
    - Consulting and support for possible applications for insolvency
    - Consulting and support in crisis situations, in particular for cases of near insolvency


  • Consulting in crisis situations with regard to the health and welfare industry and non-profit organisations

    - Legal and business support of the involved parties in the health and welfare industry (e.g. hospitals,
      nursing homes and old people's homes, foundations, doctors, chemists', medical care centres,
      insolvency administrators, etc.) in the context of crisis and restructuring situations
    - This also includes support for companies with out-of-court restructuring to avoid insolvency
      proceedings, but also, in the event that filing for insolvency cannot be avoided, support for the
      execution of industry-specific insolvency planning procedures and own administrative procedures
      and/or any associated acquisition or disposal of companies


  • Consulting for insolvency administrators

    - Expert reports
    - Determination and (legal) enforcement of claims concerning insolvency assets, in particular arising
      from actions brought in insolvency proceedingsFeststellung und (gerichtliche)
    - Business support and specialist consulting with the implementation of insolvency proceedings
      concerning the assets of companies in the health and welfare industry


  • Legal and business support for restructuring measures

    - Industry-specific structure reports and restructuring concepts acc. to IDW S 6
    - Consulting for restructuring measures and insolvency proceedings
    - Assistance for turn-around management
    - Solvency analysis according to IDW S 11
    - Issue of certificates according to section § 270b of the German Insolvency Law or section § 13 of the
      articles of the Catholic supplementary welfare fund
    - Financial calculations relating to insolvency
    - Insolvency plan procedure, reorganisation under protection of the insolvency laws and self-
      administration proceedings
    - Industry-specific acquisitions and disposals
    - Legal questions relating to state aid in the course of restructuring (management of contributions
      and subsidies, etc.)


  • Insolvency consulting for freelance professionals and freelance medical practices

    - Avoidance/reduction of liability risks relating to civil and criminal proceedings
    - Obtaining of approvals necessary for the profession in spite of a deterioration of assets (e.g. section
      § 4 par. 2 of the German Pharmacy Act)
    - Consulting and support for the filing of insolvency proceedings
    - Consulting and support for insolvency proceedings
    - Consulting and support for residual debt discharge proceedings



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