Transport associations


The idea of one timetable and one ticket is the guiding principle of 70 transport associations in Germany. Their organisation, distribution of earnings and public cofinancing is characterised by numerous special points. The variety of represented companies and service providers in a transport association reflects the variety of the interests. Apart from technical consulting, there is also frequently a need for mediation.

Transport associations face new challenges:

  • Nationwide implementation of e-tickets
  • Ensuring uniform tariff application against the background of demographic changes
  • Integration of smart billing models
  • Development of multi-modal transportation services in urban conurbations
  • Revenue management
  • Digitisation potentials, especially for transport associations


The core expertise of the experts at Rödl & Partner for consulting services for transport associations includes: 

  • Founding of transport associations
  • Association funding and public financing
  • Introduction and implementation of performance-oriented revenue distribution procedures
  • Organisational consulting (e.g. special association of local authorities)
  • Introduction of so-called general regulations as a new instrument not subject to tenders
  • Financing and tariffing against the background of demographic changes
  • Tariff structure reforms and introduction of tariff capping (e.g. social ticket)
  • Compliance with anti-trust requirements



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