​Organise, control and implement with consistent high-quality service. Rödl & Partner's financing solutions are practical and tailored to your individual needs.

 Verification of an efficient and structured operational management

Efficient decision-making – the right argument for your actions

Doing the right thing in a practical manner, i.e. acting with efficiency, is often taken for granted. The assessment of whether you actually fulfil this condition is not just a question for your supervisory body, but also increasingly for authorities for the supervision of fees which often have less experience with water management. Efficient operational management here also has to be verified and this is difficult for many companies to do.

Rödl & Partner will support you here to find strong arguments for your efficient management.

Our services for you:
  • Benchmarking and in-depth key performance indicator analysis
  • Process costs analysis and identification of irregular part processes
  • Efficiency measurement through recognised, statistical processes
  • Justification of cost structure and prices


 Calculation of charges for water supply and waste water processing

​Correct cost determination for charges which are realistic

Cost coverage is a requirement for sustainable entrepreneurial activity. It ensures long-term preservation and is a guarantee for the safety, reliability and quality of public services. But what costs do you have in your company? The concept of costs is often open to interpretation and in some cases even incorrectly confused with expenditure. Rödl & Partner determines the charges to cover your costs under consideration of special local features, the permissible calculation basis (according to the applicable Community Charges Act, guidelines for price determination based on production costs (local service providers), German network charge regulations, guidelines for water price calculation of the German association of energy and water Industries and the German association of municipal companies) and the prevailing case law.
Our services for you:
  • Calculation of water fees charged under private law (tariff prices, construction subsidies, flat-rate house connection costs, prices for further distribution)
  • Calculation of operations management fees and lease payments
  • Calculations for water supply and waste water disposal charges (fees, contributions) including examination of the requirement for split waste water charges
  • Consideration of special local points through scenario analysis
  • Determination of interval of possible cost-covering charges (price range)
  • Calculation of costs for the provision of extinguishing water invoiced to the local authority
  • Determination of internal transfer prices
    • Presentation of results in supervisory bodies


 High supply quality with sustainable revenue strategy

​Individual tariff model with an adequate cost structure –  the right answer to the question of the right revenue structure

A decreasing population and declining per-head purchase volumes present water supply companies with technical and often significant commercial challenges. However, the provision of drinking water with perfect quality and reasonable charges can be difficult using conventional tariff models with a basic and commodity price. Rödl & Partner will help you realise an individual tariff model with an adequate cost structure to ensure that you are on the safe side.
Our services for you:
  • Determination of requirements for a water tariff model in joint workshops
  • Target definition of future tariff model
  • Definition of minimum requirements and determinants of future revenue components
  • Modelling of the tariff structure and calculation of alternatives
  • Customer group specific sensitivity analysis and assessment of alternatives (scoring)
  • Development of a communication strategy
  • Implementation of the tariff model and control of target attainment


 Financing concepts and subsidy consulting

Your financing concept – individual and with the best possible support

Solid financing is a requirement for entrepreneurial operations. Limiting yourself to financing just from charges is, however, insufficient and will reduce your ability to act. Rödl & Partner will prepare a customised financing concept for you including funding opportunities for your specific public services which will leave you ideally prepared for future challenges.
Our services for you:
  • Analysis of individual financing and funding opportunities
  • Elaboration of funding applications and communication with the subsidy provider
  • Comparison of credit conditions and negotiations with banks
  • Consulting for debt rescheduling



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