Framework conditions

​Sustainable business success is no coincidence. Create the basis for it and we from Rödl & Partner will support you throughout the entire process.

 Efficient contract design

​Good contracts and good bylaws are distinguished by the fact that it is not often necessary to consider them

Trust in the contract design of professionals. Laws and legislation can change and you can let us take care of that. We will make sure that your contract design will always leave you on the safe side.
Our services for you:
  • Concession contracts
  • Extinguishing water contracts
  • Water supply contracts and special customer contracts
  • Operational management contracts and leasing contracts
  • Supplementary provisions for the German General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Water
  • Bylaws (statutes, charges and contribution rates, etc.)
  • Update service for contracts designed by us


 Operational and organisational manuals

Operation and organisation manuals – security through documentation

Proper management for the supply of drinking water also involves having organisational standards. This requirement is only satisfied if there is regulation of the development and process organisation and retention of the necessary documentation to verify the provided services. The W 1001 guideline for safety in the drinking water supply provides the necessary orientation. Rödl & Partner will help you determine the requirements for your company in a practice-oriented manner. Here we attach great importance to the implementation of the legal requirements for your company because we know exactly what the priorities of the authorities are in the event of an emergency.
Rödl & Partner is your partner for the preparation of customised operation and organisation manuals for your company.
Our services for you:
  • Determination of basic areas in joint workshops
  • Preparation of customised operation and organisation manuals (also overlapping for other supply and disposal lines)
  • Preparation and assistance with technical safety management tests


 Legally compliant bylaws for water supply and disposal companies

​Water management company bylaws – legal security through advice from experts

Nothing is as constant as change. This is particularly true for the model bylaws which in many places have remained unchanged since they took effect. In many cases these no longer reflect existing legislation: time to make a change.
Rödl & Partner will support you here.
Our services for you:
  • Review of grounds for existing bylaws
  • Comparison of existing bylaws with up-to-date model bylaws
  • Consulting for bylaws under consideration of current legislation


 Restructuring, choice of legal form and cooperation agreements

​The right organisational form – a condition for efficient task fulfilment

In Germany, water management has evolved historically to form a complex structure. The co existence of fees and prices is just as commonplace as the joint association of water suppliers or joint subsidiaries of supply companies. Rödl & Partner will help you find, under consideration of your requirements, the right legal form and entrepreneurial identity for your company.
Our services for you:
  • Exploration of cooperation possibilities
  • Examination of cooperation models
  • Spin-off, founding and re-founding of supply companies
  • Re-municipalisation models


 Development and implementation of a risk management system

​Risk management – recognise and control risks

The development and operation of a drinking water supply system is naturally linked to some risks. Regardless of the type of risk or its cause it is always true that a sustainable, secure, high quality and problem-free water supply will only function in the long-term if the individual risks are known, are assessed and suitable measures to manage the risks are implemented.
Rödl & Partner will support you with the development of an active risk management system which means that you are on the safe side.
Our services for you:
  • Organisation of workshops to  determine and assess the individual corporate risks
  • Initial recording and analysis of existing risks
  • Development of a tailor-made risk management system (conforming to German Law on Control and Transparency in Business, W 1001 guideline for safety in the drinking water supply)
  • Preparation of risk reports



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