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The continual process of improvement is part of your work. Rödl & Partner asks the right questions and provides sound insights.

 Benchmarking and comparison of key performance indicators


​Continual improvement process – whoever ceases to improve will no longer be good (www.roedl-benchmarking.de)

Water supply companies have the challenge of simultaneously meeting the requirements for security of supply, quality of supply, sustainability, economic efficiency and customer service. Regular comparisons of key performance indicators enable the identification of areas with potential for improvement in performance, the introduction of appropriate measures and checking of the attainment of goals.

Rödl & Partner addresses these issues for you and assists you with the continual improvement process.
Our services for you:
  • Benchmarking projects (basic module, in-depth module)
  • Standardised data acquisition via Excel or online database
  • Annual evaluation of current issues from the water management industry
  • Coordination of expert discussions (information exchange meetings)
  • Implementation of customer surveys through an external market research institute with subsequent analysis of customer satisfaction by us
  • Result presentation in one your committees
  • Support for data acquisition at your company on-site
  • Information for interested members of the public about developments in the field in a summary report


 Statistical efficiency analysis


​Efficiency analysis – use statistics to improve the result

The verification of an efficient performance is in the interest of all responsible persons in the water management industry. A comparison of key performance indicators determines a comparative position and first indications for areas with potential for improvement. There are often limitations, however, to the use of key performance indicators to assess the structural conditions under which the respective supplier has to provide his service. In individual cases statistical methods are better able to take into account the effects of major factors of influence such as topography or the settlement structure in the comparison of companies. The careful application of these methods as a supplement to further measures to assess the service provision can in individual cases prove worthwhile. This is a topic for us to discuss.
Rödl & Partner determines your statistical efficiency potential and in consultation with you identifies opportunities and risks of these methods.
Our services for you:
  • Efficiency measurement with recognised, statistical processes such as the methods of ordinary least squares, data envelopment analysis and stochastic frontier analysis
  • Consideration of individual special points which influence the recorded efficiency value
  • Elaboration of solution approaches to improve efficiency on the basis of the results of the  analysis


 In-depth key performance indicator analysis


​Go one step further than usual

Benchmarking and key performance indicator comparisons are the first steps of a continual improvement process. They measure the current situation and the development in your company. The entrepreneurial added value is created in the second step – how the results are actively treated. Using benchmarking projects, the first indications for areas for improvement are determined with the aid of selected key performance indicators. The resulting anomalies are then subject to more in depth analysis.
Rödl & Partner supports you here and uses the results to elaborate specific solutions for the continual improvement of the services provided by your company.
Our services for you:
  • In-depth analysis of selected company areas using agreed key performance indicators
  • Comparison of key performance indicators
  • Identification of possible causes of key performance indicator deviations
  • Elaboration of solution approaches on the basis of the key performance indicator assessments including evaluation of general feasibility and possible schedule


 Organisational review


​Organisational development – success through adaptability

No organisation is perfect and despite a high degree of complexity it must be possible to adapt the company structure to enjoy sustainable success. In addition to the technical adjustment of structures, the focus must remain on people.

Rödl & Partner will support you here to make the right strategic changes to ensure a sustainable development of your organisational structures.

Our services for you:
  • Review of personnel structure and requirements
  • Elaboration of organisational structure forms and tightening up of the work processes (process organisation)
  • Assistance with organisational development processes (change management)


 Reparation of business plans


​Business plans – orientation with strategic considerations

In addition to the regular controlling of success and measures, forward planning is essential for entrepreneurial success. This includes considerations for the market-oriented further development of the product range and investment considerations in connection with necessary adjustments to the existing infrastructure. Rödl & Partner will prepare business plans for you which are tailor-made for your individual situation to enable you to base your decisions on reliable calculations.
Our services for you:
  • Derivation of strategic, tactical and operative targets under consideration of corporate values  and your current individual situation
  • Support for the preparation of procurement, personnel, sales and financial plans
  • Plausibility check of assumptions and support with comparable values
  • Decision support through analysis of your strengths and weaknesses (SWOT analysis)
  • Scoring models to assess alternatives
  • Profitability forecasting to estimate the achievement of objectives


 Analysis of the market and competition


​Take a look into the future

The supply of water and disposal of waste water may well represent a natural monopoly, but these companies are also subject to the concept that stagnation is the same thing as a step backwards. In recent years larger suppliers have in particular started to develop further mainstays, for example, through the takeover of operations management. A well-founded analysis of the market and competition is required in order to realistically assess the costs and benefits of such projects.

Rödl & Partner is able to determine the relevant market, its potential, which companies already offer comparable services and any barriers which may restrict access to the market.

Our services for you:
  • Analysis of market potential and market development
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Market structure analysis
  • Product range analysis


 Future-oriented task fulfilment


​Task fulfilment – the focus of strategic considerations

Public services have to consider current trends and simultaneously observe future developments. In order to meet the needs of the next generation, one must never forget to look into the future. Rödl & Partner will develop a look into the future with a tailor-made concept for the formulation of your task performance.
Our services for you:
  • Analysis of the market and competition
  • Competitive advantages through tightening of own profile
  • Risk distribution through intelligent additions to product range
  • Change management and organisational development
  • Network and company valuations
  • Cooperation concepts



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