Staying up-to-date in water management

Market conditions change, but seldom from one day to the next. It's worthwhile taking a look into the future with Rödl & Partner.

 Exchange of views – from expert to expert


Direct contact to other participants in the comparison of key performance indicators

The information exchange meetings organised by Rödl & Partner focus on the discussions of the results and effectiveness of the derived improvement measures in relation to benchmarking of the water supply. Participation in the benchmarking process is a requirement of the information exchange meetings.
Our services for you:
  • Organisation of information exchange meetings
  • Preparation of exemplary best practice cases including experience report
  • Assistance with key performance indicator evaluation and organisation
  • Preparation of the discussed topics subsequent to the information exchange meeting


 Workshop discussions on current topics in the water management industry


Merging of theory and practice as two sides of the same coin

In addition to information exchange meetings Rödl & Partner also organises a structured series of events, so-called workshop discussions, which are not based on the results of the benchmarking. Here the new challenges in the industry are discussed in small groups. Workshop discussions usually begin with a keynote speech given by Rödl & Partner on a current issue which is then mostly expanded by the talk of a practitioner with excellent experience in the respective area. After that a lively discussion usually develops where all participants can contribute with interesting ideas.
Our services for you:
  • Theoretical preparation of current topics from the field of the water management
  • Additions to theory through speeches made by experienced practitioners
  • Coordination of discussions with groups of participants


 Lectures at seminars held by trade associations of the water industry


Opportunities to exchange personal views

As an expert in the field with more than 20 years of experience in providing consulting services for companies involved in the water management industry we are now regularly present as speakers at specialist conferences for water management matters. Here Rödl & Partner is especially characterised by its interdisciplinary consulting services including legal and business consulting. The following is a list of some of our recent activities:
  • German Association of the German Energy and Water Industries: Information day for water, extinguishing water provision, requirements, calculation, practice and problems. "How much does the provision of extinguishing water cost? – Notes for cost calculation", since 2012.
  • German Association of the German Energy and Water Industries: Information day for water, water meter sizes, "Legal and technical requirements. Calculation of base price and charges", 2012.
  • German Association for Property Ownership, House Building and Urban Development: "Charges under private law for the supply of water in the state of Brandenburg – legal and economic aspects", 2013.
  • German Association of the German Energy and Water Industries: 12th annual meeting – "Rational operational management – How to manage verification", 2013.



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