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Financial modelling and valuation



Financial modelling is the preferred instrument for investment evaluation and investment decisions. The financial model is based on common spreadsheets and enables a project-specific calculation which maps all cash flows and financing related to the project and calculates all the important performance indicators. For renewable energy projects financial modelling enables the inspection of fund structures through the aggregation of a number of individual projects or an examination of international projects involving different currencies. Integrated sensitivity analysis enables well founded risk analysis and establishes the required transparency for pending financing decisions.     

Electricity generation costs with photovoltaic systems and wind power are on a downward trend. In the context of direct marketing models the focus, depending on the respective project and market segment, is now on these electricity generation costs which require intensive analysis. Using iterative computation the electricity generation costs can be calculated in the financial model taking many conditions (key return indices, debt service coverage ratio, etc.) into account. The results indicate the sensitivity of the lowest levelised cost of energy based on certain assumptions and form the basis for the conclusion of a power purchase agreement.
We prepare extensive financial models for your projects and determine all the relevant cash flows, financing and performance indicators. Our financial models are subject to strict quality assurance measures and are reviewed and certified according to standard 850 of the German institute of public auditors („Use of information technology to audit projects”).



In the course of determining a fair value and purchase price we prepare company valuations according to all market practices and in particular according to the discounted cash flow method or the discounted earnings method. Especially with international renewable energy projects and also with financing partners the various forms of the discounted cash flow method have an important role to play. As auditors it is natural for us to observe the requirements of the S1 standard of the German institute of public auditors in the course of our activities.

Our company valuations are based on integrated forecasts (financial model) with all the relevant subplans and in particular budgeted balance sheets, budgeted profit and loss account and budgeted cash flow statement. We are also happy to assist you in preparing or conducting a plausibility check of your accounting.




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