Planning and reporting in controlling

Our planning and reporting business area enables you to set up integrated financial planning and effective reporting.
Structured to meet your business objectives, planning and reporting are significant factors in the effective pursuit of goals, improved responsiveness and efficient deployment of resources. In this process, transparent procedures and methods are essential for building confidence among your internal and external stakeholders and are thus often decisive for successful financing as well as effective management of your company. To successfully meet these challenges, the planning and reporting business line offers the following services:
  • The preparation of business plans and financial reports and their plausibility checks
  • The development and implementation of solutions for integrated financial planning and reportingng
  • Advice on and assistance in the further development of methods and in IT implementations (planning / BI software)
Our consulting services draw on Rödl & Partner's wide experience as auditors, management and IT consultants, among others. We are therefore well-versed with the specific requirements arising from business transactions, especially raising capital.
Alongside professional advisory, a special aspect of our services is commercial consulting for the implementation and optimisation of software-aided financial planning and reporting solutions. In this area, we work closely with the tool providers to ensure a hassle-free technical implementation.

Financial planning

Professional financial planning forms the basis of your external accounting and the integration of the planned income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

As well as complying with the principles of proper planning, the planning process should be structured in such a manner so as to take the characteristics of the business model into consideration, especially the success drivers and to ensure optimised company management.

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Financial reporting

Financial reporting should primarily highlight the key events and developments as well as be simple and quick to generate.

It thus forms the basis for goal-oriented company management and the supply of information to third-party stakeholders. More »


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