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Financial planning

Professional financial planning forms the basis of your external accounting and the integration of the planned income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.
As well as complying with the principles of proper planning, the planning process should be structured in such a manner so as to take the characteristics of the business model into consideration, especially the success drivers and to ensure optimised company management.
Our planning and reporting experts will support you with the preparation and plausibility analysis for your financial planning including investment and financing decisions. The interdisciplinary collaboration among our colleagues enables us ensure a diligent implementation also in complex cases, thus creating a solid basis for the trust of your investors.
We are happy to support you with the review of your current planning processes and indicate areas where improvements can be made. Experience has shown that the use of database-supported planning software can substantially reduce costs, minimise risks and ensure the integration of planning and reporting. Regardless of the planning tools in use, efficient and effective processes and an adequate illustration of the business model in financial planning constitute an important contribution to their success.


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