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Not only is the real estate industry one of the largest economic sectors in Germany, but it is also one of the most dynamic. With consistent increases in employment and opportunities for value creation, the importance of the real estate industry cannot be understated. With years of industry experience advising and auditing real estate companies, Rödl & Partner is prepared to offer you an interdisciplinary consulting approach with a broad range of auditing and consulting services at your disposal.

 What moves the industry

In order to keep up with rapidly developing economic, social, and technological forces, the real estate industry is forced continuously adapt.


To meet the demand for real estate spaces, companies must increase the supply of spaces, which comply market requirements. This requires attractive framework conditions, which carry complicated approval procedures and legal restrictions that are not seen as conducive in the industry. On top of that, the current pandemic has created further uncertainties, making it unclear how future working and living models will influence future developments in the real estate sector. Will this result in a reversal of the trend toward metropolitan areas due to a higher proportion of home office models and lead to a slowdown in the price trend, or is this just a temporary phase?


One trend that is becoming apparent throughout the real estate industry is the reliance on digitalisation. To be prepared for the increased reliance upon digitalisation, real estate properties must have the appropriate infrastructure, including connecting technical equipment.


As the industry faces increased public scrutiny over sustainability and environmental impact, companies must look for more ways to incorporate sustainability into the life cycle of a property. Companies must ask themselves, how can value be increased while simultaneously making a positive environmental impact?

 Our industry expertise

From as early as property acquisition to as late as disposal, Rödl & Partner is happy to support you throughout the life cycle of a property. We offer real estate companies a wide range of services to help answer any questions or solve any problems that might arise during the lifecycle.

In particular, our industry expertise in the field of auditing includes a wide range of customised audit services ranging from due diligence audits, audits of closing date balance sheets, and audits of ongoing annual and consolidated financial statement in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB), IFRS, or the German Investment Code (KAGB). These customisable services also extend to special topics such as support for capital measures or audits in accordance with German Ordinance on Estate Agents and Property Developers (MaBV).


We have developed and refined these services throughout successful past and current advisory of other real estate companies. This mix of project developers, portfolio holders, fund initiators, and construction companies, whose holdings range from residential to commercial, allowed us to develop and implement successful solutions for every possible real estate situation.


The necessary expertise is guaranteed across disciplines through an ongoing exchange in Rödl & Partner's Real Estate Practice Group. Consisting of auditors, tax advisors, and lawyers who are predominantly active in the real estate sector, we are able to react to a variety of current topics quickly and in an interdisciplinary manner.

 Our services

​Comprehensive, high-quality and future-oriented services for the real estate industry must always be geared to the requirement of added value. We develop joint and targeted solutions for the issues of real estate companies – whether it is a classic audit in compliance with the German Commercial Code (HGB), IFRS or the German Investment Code (KAGB) or the comprehensive support of a real estate transaction.


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