Statutory and special audits

Statutory and special audits involve various requirements and raise questions for all companies, whether they are sole proprietorships subject to an audit, family-owned companies or publicly traded global corporations. What is important during statutory and special audits or what are the expectations of shareholders, capital lenders and other stakeholders with regard to my financial reporting?
In this context, statutory audits and special audits contribute greatly to the correctness of accounting, including financial reporting, and to the compliance with statutory provisions. This strengthens the trust and confidence among your stakeholders in your reporting.

Statutory and special audits according to your individual requirements

Companies differ not only in regard to industry, level of internationalisation and size (revenue, number of employees etc.), but also in history, ownership or management and corporate culture. We consider all such factors when auditing your financial statements.
We extensively examine your business processes and analyse the potential for improvement not only in accounting. We can also help identify critical points in your organisational and IT-supported processes and make the strengths and weaknesses of your financial statement preparation process more transparent.

We are well-versed with regional particularities and their impact on the audit of your financial statements

Our audit services meet your individual requirements and expectations, taking into account statutory provisions. This means not only maintaining the desired quality level, but also complying with standards and regulations applicable in any location where you conduct business. With our over 100 offices spread across the globe, we can offer you financial statement audit services according to the local GAAP, CCC, IFRS and US-GAAP based on universally applicable business and quality standards.

Our experts will assist you beyond the audit of financial statements

Our colleagues have completed extensive and rigorous training that takes into account the individual particularities of our clients, such as industry, family ownership, capital market orientation etc. This allows them to address individual client needs and company aspects during the audit in a comprehensive manner.

Further information on our audit services

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