Statutory special audits

Alongside the audit of annual and consolidated financial statements, we have extensive expertise in statutory special audits, which we can conduct for you at any time. As defined in the relevant laws, statutory special audits include e.g.:
  • Special audits under the German Limited Liability Companies Act, stock corporation law, or restructuring law (audits are then carried out e.g. for the purpose of forming a new company, restructuring, merger or capital change)
  • Audits under German banking law and securities trading act (KWG, WpHG)
  • Audit of correctness of management according to Article 53 of the German Budgetary Principles Act (HGrG)
  • Audits under German Renewable Energies Law (EEG) and the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWK-G)
  • Audits under German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Industry Ordinance (MaBV)
  • Audits of cash transactions and balances in insolvency proceedings (Article 69 of German Insolvency Act, InsO)


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