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Are you planning an initial public offering (IPO) in order to open up new opportunities for your company? At Rödl & Partner interdisciplinary consulting teams including lawyers, tax consultants, auditors, environmental experts and real estate specialists work together with our corporate finance professionals to provide you with ideal support.
The unique step of an IPO to raise equity capital has to be well thought-out and planned. We work together with you to create a tailored issuance concept for your successful placement on the stock exchange and provide comprehensive consulting services to answer all the relevant questions on the subject of going public and more.
If you do not want to raise equity capital through the stock market, but wish to acquire outside capital, the issuance of a bond is possible, i.e. an initial bond offering (IBO). This method is an alternative to bank financing and is also a stepping stone to a fully-fledged IPO. Further information on our consulting services for the issuance of bonds is available in our competence center for bonds for the German Mittelstand.
The way to the stock market is complex both for an IPO or IBO. Our experts for going public will develop the right concept for the successful placing of your company on the stock exchange in close consultation with you and with the assistance of our modular services.

Our modular services for IPO/IBO consulting

Requirements for going public

We will establish your maturity to go public or manage the process and document the result.

Conversion processes

We provide legal and tax consulting services for conversion processes, e.g. reports on non-cash contributions, review of articles of association, capital increases and management contracts.

Business plan

We draw up or review your business plan as basic information for your IPO.

Issuance concept

We will develop your issuance concept and the key points of your equity story.

Selection of the underwriting bank/lead manager

We provide consulting services to assist you with the selection of the underwriting bank or lead manager for your IPO.

Mandate agreement

We provide consulting services for the conclusion of your mandate contract with the underwriting bank and the composition of the consortium.

Due diligence reviews

We will prepare your data and communicate the data externally in the course of due diligence.

Company valuation

We will assess your company’s value according to all common theoretical investment procedures and multiplier methods.


We will prepare your listing on the stock exchange and assist you in the process.

Pre-IPO marketing

We will support you with pre-IPO marketing events.

Selection of communications agency

We will advise and assist you with the selection of a communications agency for your IPO.

Stock option plan

We will assist you to draw up your stock option plan.



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