Interdisciplinary services: comprehensive advisory from a single source


Each service line at Rödl & Partner is well positioned. Based on this and using our multidisciplinary skills we guarantee our clients a special added value from the seamless combination of the services we provide. This removes the need for our clients to coordinate a number of service providers and manage different communication interfaces within their enterprise. 

Our interdisciplinary business model

Our teams with a number of different areas of operations are well integrated and have
special organisational experience working with multidisciplinary projects. This has proven
itself in day-to-day business, for example, with tasks which require different disciplines in connection with international corporate legal structures for company groups optimised for tax, transactions (M&A), company succession, or cloud computing.

We also provide consulting services for projects involving only one practice or contribute
to interdisciplinary project teams in collaboration with competitors.

One-stop shop for consulting services 

Clients benefit from our comprehensive range of services from a single source. This is particularly useful when projects involve different service lines in a number of countries. And that is not only true for projects which have their origins in Germany. In fact any country can be the starting point for international projects, and, as required, interdisciplinary projects.

Our interdisciplinary services

We not only offer advisory services. We also provide clients with support during the implementation process. In the field of information technology the implementation process can even encompass the running of computer centres. Yet we also take on tasks in standard outsourcing areas including accounting, controlling, internal auditing and
further ongoing assignments.


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