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Companies with international operations have to observe extensive national and international customs regulations. There are customs duties on raw materials, outsourced components, components and finished products. In addition, even minor violations can lead to fines and criminal proceedings and to the loss of procedural simplifications.

Our advisors will assist you to avoid unnecessary customs duties and costs in connection with customs clearance and to reduce risks, in particular through the following services: 

Cost reduction

  • Support for the calculation of the customs value, classification of goods to determine the tariff, and determination of the preferential / non-preferential origin and possibilities for lower costs
  • Support for the acquisition of procedural simplifications such as approved exporter status, authorised exporter and authorisations granted to persons for customs procedures and the status of the authorised economic operator
  • Support for the acquisition of a binding tariff information and / or a binding origin information
  • Support for questions relating to the custom regulations, e.g. when there is a risk of losing procedural simplifications

Representation of interests

  • Assistance with customs audits and minimising of unnecessary risks
  • Representation regarding avoidance, adoption or refund of customs duties (non-EU customs duties, antidumping duties, etc.)
  • Negotiations with the authorities

Compliance with the customs regulations

  • Inspection of the customs valuation practices, classification of goods for customs tariffs and determination of preferences
  • Implementation of compliance for customs regulations in companies including organisation to minimise risks via risk management, operating and organisational instructions and the improvement of the supply chain
  • Client-specific training of members, the company management and employees of the legal, finance, purchasing and sales departments
  • Customs check: voluntary audit in the company conducted by experienced audit team to discover errors made by the authorities and reveal risks

Shipments within a corporate group: interdisciplinary case

According to various estimates, in the meantime between 60 to 70% of world trade is made via intragroup transactions, and the trend is upwards. More »

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