Export controls

Companies have to observe export bans or obtain specific authorisation for certain goods and technologies. Foreign trade law, customs law and inter­na­tional treaties, embargo lists and other safety laws can represent a serious barrier. In the event of violations of the law the company management, respon­sible persons and the company itself may be faced with dire consequences. Export controls are a management matter and the right handling of this sen­si­tive issue is vital for the survival of the company. Our advisors offer special support for the following complex areas:

Improvement of export processes

  • Support with obtaining the necessary permits from the authorities for the import or export of goods and obtaining procedural simplifications
  • Legal advice on national, EU and US export law, including advice in the area of sanctions and export software
  • Audits for compliance with foreign trade law in the context of due diligence required for transactions, joint ventures or trade agreements
  • Advice on export applications and formulation of distribution agreements and general delivery and purchasing conditions under particular consideration of foreign trade law
  • Support for clients with foreign trade audits carried out by customs authorities and minimisation of unnecessary risks

Representation of interests

  • Support with self-disclosure to the tax authorities, advice for compliance with the necessary conditions including support for coming to terms with past events and the future position of the company with regard to foreign trade
  • Defence against administrative fines and proceedings due to violation of foreign trade law


  • Foreign trade law  compliance and implementation within the company with organisation to minimise risk including risk management and instructions regarding trade and organisation, contractual transfer of risk
  • Review of the international supply chain, audits or applications for the authorised economic operator
  • Seminars for members of the company management and employees of the legal, finance and sales departments
  • Foreign trade check: voluntary audit in the company conducted by an experienced audit team to discover errors on the side of the authorities and reveal risks

Export control provisions: interdisciplinary case

In order to comply with all the legal regulations in relation to export control restrictions, a process organisation is required which is interdepartmental and interdisciplinary. More »

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