Process design along the value chain

The continually increasing complexity of legal rules and requirements and the resulting necessity to integrate these legal requirements in company processes are leading to a change in the procedural processing of issues in everyday business operations, in particular with regard to the area of the global movement of goods.


In the past the penetration of company processes by legal requirements was generally of a temporary nature. In recent years, however, this has changed considerably so that in the meantime every company process is affected by the foreign trade law regulations.


It is therefore increasingly important for companies to identify processes which are connected to foreign trade and to organise and document these to enable efficient and legally compliant processing in everyday business operations.


The following diagram which shows the standard value chain in companies illustrates this and indicates interlinking areas:

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​In order to make company processes future-oriented, individual processes or process steps (e.g. master data provision processes, shipping processes) or also complete legal areas (e.g. systematic analysis of all company processes and requirements with regard to customs law) can be analysed.
In many cases an examination of the current state of all existing regulations is sufficient to enable the implementation of improvements to reduce costs and also to increase legal security.
At the same time the design and improvement of existing processes is also important, which regularly goes hand in hand with adjustments and efficiency measures in the field of IT to improve company performance and enable the company to successfully manage future challenges.


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