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The complexity of the legal requirements in these areas in combination with the fast pace of everyday business can lead to undesired legal consequences. Conflicting views and interpretations or also errors on the side of the customs authorities may result in unjustified costs for companies and therefore also to a competitive disadvantage.
Examples here are the imposition of customs duties or also supposed violations of the foreign trade regulations. Frequently the decisions of the customs authorities remain unexamined and are accepted without protest by companies. Companies do, however, have a number of legal options which can be exploited to further the interests of the company. Appeals can be lodged against customs decisions. Customs law also provides for the possibility of a refund. These possibilities are effective for a period of up to 3 years after the decision was made.
The assertion of company interests in dealings with the customs authorities and other authorities, also in court, is an important component of a comprehensive strategy for foreign trade and is particularly significant with regard to reducing costs.

Our consulting services:

We support and represent you and your interests in all questions relating to customs regulations, foreign trade law, VAT law and excise duty law to enforce the following points:
  • Opposition procedures , e.g. with customs notifications, subsequent imposition of customs duties, binding tariff information, rejection of applications for authorisation, revocation of authorisations, rejection of export licenses, etc.
  • Assistance and representation with audit measures such as customs audits, foreign trade audits and fiscal control measures
  • Fine and criminal proceedings, e.g. for violations of foreign trade law
  • Assistance for self-disclosure with mitigation and exemption from punishment

Special service: quick customs audit check

Especially in the area of audits conducted by the customs authorities (customs audits, foreign trade audits, etc.), the conclusions of the auditor are often accepted and large subsequent payments are made based on these conclusions. We offer you a quick and efficient analysis of decisions made by the customs authorities. Simply send us your audit report or ring us up. We will be happy to draw up a short audit report analysis document for a fixed price of 500 euros 1) and indicate the areas where improvements can be made or a protest lodged.
1) This price is subject to statutory VAT. The analysis includes a review of the report and a comment in writing of the conclusions on a DIN A4 page.


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