Is your company about to make decisions that require financing? Do you wish to finance your growth? Are new investments to be made? Does your company need new machines, fixed assets or even an entirely new plant? Or should the number of your shareholders be reduced? We at Rödl & Partner will assist you in sourcing capital and planning your corporate financing.

How to finance your business

Whether bank loans, public subsidies, mezzanine capital, private equity or alternative sources of finance such as leasing or factoring – if your key corporate data are accurate, we will find a way to successfully finance your business:

Private equity

Private equity is a type of financing where companies, which are not publicly traded and have not sufficient securities, raise capital through the admission of an external shareholder. Companies often use private equity to finance their growth and company succession.


Mezzanine capital can be thought of as growth capital for family-owned companies. It combines the features of debt and equity capital, thus closing the gap between loan and equity. The great advantage of mezzanine capital is that it improves the equity ratio. This makes this form of finance ideal to invest in German family-owned companies, whose equity base is very low in international comparison. The most common forms of mezzanine financing are silent shareholding or profit-participation capital.

Bank loans/subsidies

We support you in contacting banks to apply for a traditional bank loan, such as a loan to finance a specific undertaking or a working capital facility. We can also assist you in applying for subsidies and negotiating with banks.

Special forms of finance for family companies

Alternatives to traditional debt financing through (bank) loans include financing through a bonded loan or corporate bonds. More and more companies have already recognised the opportunities arising from the use of this financing vehicle and successfully integrated it into their financing mix. If you too are interested in bank-independent long-term financing, we will be more than happy to help. For more information about our expertise in this area please visit our Centre of Excellence for family-owned company bonds.

Venture capital

Venture capital is equity capital contributed by investors in the form of participation in start-ups or high-growth companies. The precondition is that your business is highly innovative and has strong growth potential. Based on a business plan that we can gladly draft together, we search for suitable venture capital companies, coach and advise you during meetings with prospective investors and negotiate the terms and conditions of the participation.

Leasing and factoring

Leasing and factoring have become well-established instruments in financing the family-owned business segment in Germany and are offered by a large number of services providers. We will assist you in finding the right partner to support your business through leasing or factoring.

Going public (IPO/IBO) 

The development of new market segments has made the company flotation an interesting financing option also for family-owned companies. German stock exchanges offer companies great opportunities to either boost their equity capital or raise debt capital (by issuing bonds) in order to finance their operations. More »


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