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We as partners – what we do

In close collaboration with our cooperation partner ICUnet.Group, we present a digitally supported, comprehensive and unique service package for advice on cross-border mobility. The ICUnet.Group accompanies professionals on their professional mission abroad and prepares them for intercultural cooperation and new work through training, coaching and consulting.

Our Global Mobility Services include excellent relocation services with tax/legal advice and solutions as well as the reliable handling of payroll. As true team players and global mobility experts, we offer more than just traditional consulting. We provide you with a comprehensive solution tailored to your individual needs. 
Together, we will unlock the full potential of your global business and take your global mobility to new dimensions with tailor-made approaches and digital solutions, such as the WFA Assistant!

One team, one spirit – what we care about

Your needs are our highest priority. The seamless integration of our services allows us to work hand in hand, ensuring maximum efficiency in terms of time coordination and resource utilisation. Being close to you is also very important to us. That is why we are represented in around 50 countries with our own offices, so that we can provide you with prompt and reliable advice worldwide.

For example, we take care of the local employment contract for the managing director, obtain the necessary visa, prepare him or her for the foreign assignment with intercultural training, organise accommodation for him or her and his or her family and finally take care of the tax declarations in the host and home countries. 
We are your one stop shop for consulting services for your employees' cross-border activities. For you, this means short lines of communication, maximum support and compliance.

Vision and mission – what we strive for

For your global success, we share a clear vision and mission.

Consulting portfolio – what we provide

  • Expatriate consulting
  • Process design
  • Policy consulting
  • Compliance consulting
  • Internatiolnal payroll services
  • Immigration
  • Orientation tour (look & see trip)
  • Accommodation search
  • School and kindergarten search
  • Settling in
  • Departure services at the end of the assignment (preparations for return to the home country)
  • Support with repatriation (actual return to the home country)

WFA Assistant – takes care anywhere you work

To be an attractive employer and attract and retain the best talents, companies need to offer employees the flexibility they demand at work. 

This includes allowing employees to work from home and from anywhere in the world (“Work From Anywhere”, or WFA). Depending on a complex combination of personal and country-specific factors, this can involve high tax, social security and immigration risks. Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties.

Together with ICUnet.Group, we have developed an innovative “Work From Anywhere” quick check tool – the WFA Assistant. It enables your employees to work from anywhere in the world in compliance with legal and tax regulations.

It determines the risk of an assignment abroad based on nine questions combined with master data in the user profile. Using a simple traffic light system (green = no risk; yellow = low risk; red = high risk), the proposed assignment is assessed from a tax, social security and immigration perspective. Depending on the result, the case can be approved immediately by the tool, or after specific actions listed by the tool, or, if necessary, referred to our legal and tax experts for further assessment – simple, smart and safe.
Minimise the risks of Work From Anywhere and maximise your attractiveness as employer at the same time!


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