Internationalisation of companies

With 110 offices in around 50 countries spread across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa, Rödl & Partner is one of the largest international professional services firms of European origin. We are thus no strangers to internationalisation because we experience it every day. With our expertise, we assist you in breaking into new markets.
In all the economic hubs of the world, you have us on your side as your long-term and reliable partner to help and guide you in your international ventures – in your language and from a single source.

Entering dynamic markets and regions

The dynamic regions of the world rightfully attract investors but they also pose a wide variety of requirements in regard to legal forms, auditing standards or special taxation aspects that need to be taken into account. The most popular regions currently include Asia-Pacific and China, India, Brazil and Russia. An entry in these markets necessitates a well-planned entry strategy and a competent partner on your side and on site. Our internationalisation experts are well-versed with regional differences from long-time experience and will gladly and safely navigate you through the challenges of a globalised world.
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