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Germany is India’s largest European trading partner within the EU. For the Indian investors, Germany is the third most favored investment destination after U.S.A. and the UK. The German market is the largest market on the European continent. The country is strategically located in the heart of Europe. Due to its beneficial geographic position and the removal of practically all trade obstacles within the European Union, Germany is furthermore an excellent hub for business expansion throughout Europe, especially to Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean region.
A stable and reliable legal system and efficient administration offer full protection of the investment. It further offers competitive tax rates for businesses. The current level of property rental prices is attractive in Berlin as compared to other European capital cities and therefore also provides excellent opportunities in the real estate sector. Infrastructure is at an excellent level along with efficient international seaports. Germany is well connected by road, air and rail to all European countries and, by numerous direct flights to India’s Tier-1-cities, to the Indian subcontinent.
German companies are known for their high quality and cost-efficient products. Many specialized global market leaders originate from Germany – in particular in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive industry and medical equipment segment. An excellent education system turns out skilled professionals at all levels. Industrial disputes are very rare.

Over the past years, a number of Indian enterprises entered the European market by using Germany as their gateway to Europe and also as base to their further expansion and activities within the continent. Germany itself is home to a large number of highly specialized medium sized companies which are suitable as collaboration partners or acquisition targets for Indian companies.


Services offered by Rödl & Partner to Indian companies in Germany and beyond

For many years, Rödl & Partner has been providing advisory and compliance support to foreign investors in all legal and tax matters relevant for their presence in Germany.

Under the German professional services laws, Rödl & Partner can combine professionals from various fields under one roof, offering effective solutions across service segments. Lawyers with a broad general knowledge as well as specialized expertise, tax specialists as well as accounting professionals form a professional services firm which provides seamless and integrated solutions. Also the area of business advisory services including corporate finance advisory, market and competitor analysis and advisory for acquisitions and joint ventures, Rödl & Partner offers effective processes and a long track record of successful projects of all sizes.

A large number of foreign investors from Asia, the U.S. and Europe already find it highly effective to use Rödl & Partner as their one single professional firm for professional and business advisory services in all fields relevant for doing business in Germany which includes not only legal and tax advisory but also financial accounting, management reporting and tax compliances.

The Germany - based members of Rödl & Partner’s designated “India Team” combine expert know-how of the German environment with “hands-on” knowledge on Indian business and culture, providing crucial support for Indian companies venturing into the German and European market. Our professionals are a mix of various nationalities and backgrounds, combining the expertise in their respective fields with the knowledge of their culture, language and understanding of the local business requirements.


Services frequently used by foreign investors include formation and setup of a legal presence, related tax planning, assistance in acquiring state subsidies and grants in specific fields, support during M&A transactions (acquisitions and divestitures of businesses and companies), reorganizations, advisory in respect of Joint Ventures, drafting of trade agency / distribution agreements, representation in litigation, advising on resolution of labour law disputes, outsourcing of the financial and tax accounting function as well as representation during audits by tax and other authorities.

Rödl & Partner’s presence through its own offices in the majority of European countries offers clients the option to access advisory services via a single designated contact partner.



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