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​The strength of Rödl & Partner lies in comprehensive M&A advisory services provided by interdisciplinary teams not only in the case of transaction consulting. When assisting our clients in a company acquisition, a project team is put together of attorneys at law, tax consultants, auditors and often M&A advisers. A project manager, also contributing their professional expertise, oversees the entire process, ensuring a smooth flow of information among all stakeholders and the project’s completion within established deadlines and according to stringent quality criteria.

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 Well advised at every stage of the transaction

​An M&A transaction can be generally divided into three phases: Phase 1 (Pre-Deal) serves to prepare and structure the transaction, while Phase 2 (Deal) covers negotiations, the implementation and the closing of the transaction. Phase 3 (Post-Close) focuses particularly on the integration of the acquired company into the buyer's corporate group and the leveraging of synergies. All three phases are interdependent. A successful transaction therefore requires uniform coordination, organisation and negotiation across all three phases. 


 M&A Experts

The interdisciplinary and international positioning of Rödl & Partner is particularly beneficial to our clients in M&A transactions. In each of the relevant areas of law, tax, financial and corporate finance, we have proven experts in numerous locations in Germany and worldwide. Not least, their pragmatic and collegial collaboration contributes significantly to the success of a transaction.

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