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Employment law is an important component of integrated advisory for businesses. Our experts at Rödl & Partner are the right point of contact for your enquiries about all issues of employment law. In this regard, our philosophy is not to merely offer "off-the-shelf" assistance, but rather to devise solutions best tailored to our clients' individual needs.

Our broad service portfolio in employment law

We are on hand to provide you with on-going advice in national and international employment law, restructuring measuresissues related to business transfers and transactions, as well as mergers and integrations, where employment law plays a decisive role.  We are also here for you to discuss all topics of collective bargaining law, including negotiations of collective bargaining agreements.

Certain aspects specific to employment law play a key role in insolvency proceedings, which is why we work closely with our insolvency law experts as part of an interdisciplinary team.

You can also count on us to assist you with employment law issues related to the structuring of individual contracts with your employees, executives or company governing bodies as well as finding the optimal flexible working solution and remuneration model. With our practical experience, we can assist you in handling all co-determination issues in your company. The legal and actuarial aspects of company pension schemes have a growing importance in our long-term advisory in employment law.

It is not always easy to explain employment law issues to management in a clear manner. Therefore, we offer employment law training courses that are attuned to your company's needs and designed to best address the participants' interests. Last but not least, we will represent you in legal disputes before the employment courts and their prevention.


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