The general term “codetermination” encompasses not only matters regarding the works constitution or the rights of staff council members. It also covers the codetermination powers of a supervisory board in companies of a certain size. As soon as the works council is elected, the employer must take into account a number of codetermination rights, each being completely different in terms of how and how strong it influences the decision-making processes.  Very often, employers do not even know that a supervisory board with codetermination powers must be created in their company. The German Works Constitution Act and collective bargaining law are part of German collective employment law.
Within the framework of codetermination we offer the following professional services:
  • Assistance in negotiations with the works council in connection with all participation rights of the works council as well as representation in the decision-making procedures of the conciliation board and of the court
  • Advice on and support in aspects associated with the codetermination powers of employees active in the supervisory board
  • Assistance in the privatisation and restructuring of state-run companies and in the hiving off of their operations, taking into account staff representation issues
  • Development of collective compensation and working time models, taking into account the codetermination powers of the works council, and assistance in their implementation
  • Advice to employers during works council elections and examining the legality of those elections
  • Structuring of works council hearings for the preparation of terminations


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