International Employment Law


Labour and employment law issues have become as globalised as the world of business and commerce. With this ever-increasing internationalisation of business, the necessity for companies to effectively manage and control their international workforce and talents as well as the knowledge of foreign employ­ment laws is one of the priorities. 

Rödl & Partner International Labour and Employment Group is present in more than 40 countries. It regularly advises management on employment law (individual and collective) and social security law aspects at global, regional, and local level. Issues ranging thereby from day-to-day national or interna­tional matters on a single-country basis, to large and complex multijurisdictional employment law projects as well on cross-borders restructuring issues. Our lawyers over the world are foreign-trained lawyers with true specialist interna­tional employment expertise, ensuring the highest quality of service and efficiency.
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Individual Labor Relations

  • Negotiations regarding hiring/Preparation of the hiring (work and residence permits, etc.)
  • Determining the applicable law 
  • Choice of the type of employment contract (permanent contract, fixed-term contract, etc.)
  • Drafting and modification of employment contracts
  • Management of the status of the corporate officers
  • Delegation of powers
  • Daily advice on the applicable regulations (paid leaves, evaluation, training, internal regulations, remuneration, etc.)
  • Disciplinary procedures and termination of the employment contract (resignation, mutual termination, dismissal (personal or economic), Retirement, etc.

Collective Labor Relations

  • Establishment, operation and management of relations with the employee representative bodies
  • Management of collective conflicts
  • Negotiation, conclusion and interpretation of collective agreements
  • Employee savings (profit-sharing, participation, savings plans, etc.)

Transformation of the company

  • Restructuring (merger, transfer of business, outsourcing, etc.)
  • Analysis of the impact on individual and collective status (agreements, social protection, staff representatives, employee savings, etc.) and communication with employee representative bodies
  • Post-acquisition integration and harmonization of statutes
  • Collective redundancies for economic reasons: Definition of strategy, timetables and costs
  • Management of relations with employee representation bodies, experts, labor administration, employees, etc.


  • Compliance audit in employment law
  • Acquisition/sale audit – Due Diligence

International Mobility

Cross-border and temporary staff secondment            

Pre-litigation - Litigation

  •  Management of pre-litigation files
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements
  • Individual and collective litigation before the courts  
  • Controls by the labor inspectorate or social security bodies
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