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Clients across Germany and abroad often ask Rödl & Partner to provide their managers with training on individual and collective employment law issues. We are also engaged to prepare joint training courses for managers and works councils. Through the collaboration of our lawyers specialising in employment law, we are able to off tailored inhouse training courses in employment law for companies and managers.
The topics of our training courses in employment law include:
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Codetermination rights of the works or staff council
  • Correct handling with representatives of employees' interests
  • Works council elections
  • Innovative organisation of working time and compensation models
  • Disruptions in employment relationship
  • Part-time and limited-term employment contracts etc.

Alongside these individual training courses for you as employer and for your employees we regularly offer continuing training events on current topics as part of our employment law breakfast seminars or other events, some of which are held together with our liaison partners and in interdisciplinary teams.



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