Sustainable Product Lifecycle


Opportunities and challenges for our clients

According to the EU's Green Deal, the European internal market is to become climate-neutral by 2050. Increasing regulation is forcing companies to reconsider common raw materials, well-tried manufacturing processes and existing supply chains. The constantly growing media presence ("greenwashing") is simultaneously increasing the "factual" pressure to reach more sustainability. 

New products and business models raise several interdisciplinary legal issues that manufacturers and suppliers need to consider when designing, marketing, and distributing products. Due to new tech­no­lo­gies such as AI and the indispensable connectivity of smart products, this also raises more and more IT- and IT security law aspects. 

At the same time, in 2024 and 2025 the regulations on product safety and product liability at EU level will be strengthened , which makes a comprehensive advice on the entire product life cycle essential.

Our legal services at a glance

Comprehensive, interdisciplinary legal advice along the product lifecycle from conception, development and marketing through to disposal or recycling.

Our legal service portfolio in detail

  • Supporting the development of new products, including in connection with collaborations (drafting and negotiating contracts for research and development projects)
  • Examination of new business models
  • Securing intellectual property and exploitation rights to new products or technologies (trademarks / licenses, including software and IT law / know-how protection / trade secrets)
  • Supporting rebranding strategies in the context of corporate sustainability transformation (trademark law)
  • Comprehensive IT law advice on smart products, AI applications and digital business models, including on data and database rights
  • Clarification of issues relating to the marketability of products (CE marking, labeling including green claims; operating instructions, warnings, etc.)
  • Advice on manufacturer responsibility (disposal, packaging)
  • Clarification of liability issues (product safety / product liability / product recall)
  • Support for advertising campaigns for market entry and beyond (competition law).


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