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Our range of services in facility management law include:


As an interdisciplinary firm, we know that advisory in real estate law requires varied qualifications to be able to find optimal solutions for our clients. We specialise in certain topics of real estate law where we combine our technical, commercial and organisational knowledge with the legal expertise in real estate so as to benefit our clients in the best possible way.

A long-standing affiliation with the facility management market underpins our approach to real estate law: we are guided by the lifecycle of a real property – from planning to demolition. Therefore, we also speak – in the broadest sense– of facility management law or FM law.

We advise property owners and their representatives, service providers and tenants / lessees on how to solve challenging legal and organisational issues for all types of real property ranging from residential real estate to football stadiums.

Our interdisciplinary cross-location facility management team consists of specialist attorneys, commercial experts, tax consultants, auditors and engineers.

The feasibility of our proposed solutions and contractual arrangements are the result of our active knowledge exchange with practitioners and academics as well as comprehensive forensic practice.
We are also a member of the most important association in the facility management sector, the German Facility Management Association (GEFMA), where we hold responsibility for GEFMA guidelines and manage the working group on facility management law.



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