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Organisational and liability law in facility management



​A legally sound organisation is essential in order to ensure a comprehensive internal execution of duties and a functioning control and monitoring of the interfaces to external services providers. This avoids any claims relating to the default of an organisation and exonerates the company and its employees in the case of compensation claims.

Our services for you:

  • Review and implementation of legally compliant facility management organisation with internal and external delegation of functions
  • Preparation of expert reports and opinions as well as consulting and support for all questions relating to organisational and liability law
  • Legally compliant documentation of the operational and organisational structure including verifying documentation
  • Execution of audits for the fulfilment of operator obligations and obligations of care (technology and law)
  • Representation of interests, communication with authorities, non-compliance procedures and legal representation
  • Consulting and implementation of legally compliant commissioning, control and monitoring of services providers



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