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REG-IS partners and system partners


Interested and suitable companies or institutions can become REG-IS partners or system partners.


  • REG-IS partners make a contribution to the content or functionally improve the system. This may be through sponsorship for a regulatory area (e.g. lift installations, pressure vessels, etc.), for the law of a federal state, or similar.
    • REG-IS system partners provide in-house IT solutions which realise and offer an interface, connection or integration possibility for REG-IS.
    • REG-IS partners and system partners can promote the system with their own logo and link to their website.


Our REG-IS partners are:


AMBROSIA FM Consulting & Services GmbH, represented by Jan Schipper                              
BROCHIER Gebäudemanagement GmbH, represented by Anke Klein

MEBEDO Akademie GmbH, represented by Dr.-Ing. Thorsten Neumann

VALTEQ makon GmbH, member of the Global Reality Services Group, represented by Richard Weller


REG-IS system partners are:


Byron Informatik AG (Basel), represented by Managing Director Andreas Duppenthaler,
supplier of Byron/BIS system

CONJECT AG, represented by Regional Director Frank Bögel, supplier of the conjectFM system

FIDENTIA Wärmemessdienst & Kabelservice GmbH, represented by Managing Director Thomas Heppner, supplier of the EBKON system

 eTASK-Service-Management GmbH, represented by Managing Director Klaus Aegenvoort, supplier of the eTASK system

GIS PROJECT Büro für Gebäude-Informations-Systeme und GIS-Projekte,

represented by Managing Director Klaus Aegenvoort, supplier of the VISAFM Raumbuch system


IMS Gesellschaft für Informations- und Managementsysteme mbH, represented by Managing Directors Dr. Christian Bernhart and Michael Heinrichs, supplier of the  IMSWARE system

N+P Informationssysteme GmbH,

represented by Managing Director Jens Hertwig, supplier of the Spartacus system

M.O.P Management-Organisations-Partner GmbH, represented by Managing Directors Reinhard Garske and Hans-Jörg Reichenbach, supplier of the TOM system




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Senior Associate

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