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Pricing and conditions


Terms of use for REG-IS

The REG-IS license is valid for the whole company.
In this respect the following points are irrelevant:
  • the number of the company locations,
  • the number of employees using the software (also simultaneously),
  • the number of saved profiles (with the professional version),
  • the time of system access.


Version comparison

The available functions vary according to the version selected. Depending on the version, a percentage surcharge or discount is determined based on the basic price.


​Functions Standard Professional​ Authority/
Research for regulations​ ​x x​ ​- x​​ (x)​
Research for facilities​​ ​x ​x ​- ​- (x)​​
Research for services​ ​x ​x ​- ​- (x)​​
​Research for terminology ​x ​x ​- ​- (x)​​
Research for documents ​x ​x ​- ​- ​(x)
Search machine​ ​x ​x ​- ​- -​
Newsletter​​ ​x ​x ​x ​- ​-
Own real estate
(incl. risk profile & responsibility)​
​- ​x ​x ​- ​-
License fee​ x ​x x​​ ​- ​-
Price (in relation to basic price)​
+/- 0%
+ 25 %x - 25%​ ​- ​-



Current price list »


A detailed price calculator is available after free registration at our REG-IS internet portal.



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