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Product overview

REG-IS offers all facility management actors the necessary insight into the world of legal regulations, standards and directives concerning:
  • Occupational safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Care obligations
  • Structural safety
  • Fire protection
  • Technical facilities
  • Special structures, e.g. assembly areas.


Quick and easy access to the content of the regulations is made either via menu points and structure trees or via the search machine:
  • Regulations (e.g. laws, statutory orders, accident prevention regulations, standards and directives)
  • Obligations (including maintenance and repair obligations)
  • Facilities (buildings, construction elements, structures, installations, areas etc., classified according to DIN 276-1 and DIN 277)
  • Services (in the facility management life cycle, classified according to GEFMA 100-2)
Home page (click to enlarge)

Herzlich Wilkommen im REG-IS

Selection of the regulation category

REG-IS gives the user access to the defining content of the relevant regulation categories.
  • 35 selectable regulation categories (subject to a valid license)
  • Number of regulations per category is displayed
  • Possibility of different settings for status requests
Selection of the regulation (click to enlarge)


Validity of the regulations

Regular updates and the possibility of status requests makes it easy to have an overview of which regulations have been republished from a certain date, which have changed and which have been withdrawn.

This enables fulfilment of the requirement to track changes in the regulations, which is a basic condition for legal certainty and for FM excellence certification.



REG-IS provides basic information on 2,000 regulations. The obligations identified from the respective regulations represent decisive added value for the user. These resulting obligations are recorded and addressed in the REG-IS interface and in addition the maintenance and inspection obligations are grouped according to the respectively inspected property. Selective research can be carried out via the different menu points or via the integrated search machine.

Selection of a construction or technical facility in the tree structure lists all the associated obligations, e.g. "Drinking water supply" from the drinking water ordinance DVGW W 551, DIN 1988, VDI/DVGW 6023 etc.

Obligations connected to the drinking water supply (click to enlarge)

 Pflichten bei der Trinkwasserversorgung

Even without previous knowledge of the regulations the user can view the obligations regarding the operation, maintenance, and, if applicable, check the facility using the alphabet, for example, E (exhaust flap) or D (decorative fountain). The facilities are structured according to the classification of DIN 276-1.



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