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In the competence centre for SAP technology Rödl & Partner offers the following services:


  • Operation of certified SAP ERP systems
  • Certified hybrid SAP systems in the on-premise and managed services world with cloud components
  • Use of modern SAP database architecture with in-memory technology
  • Architecture and realisation of secure hybrid, future-oriented solutions
  • Integration of intelligent cloud strategies


Operation of certified SAP ERP systems​

After you have decided on an outsourcing solution, in consultation with you we develop an appropriate security concept. This provides protection for your SAP systems. 
The transition phase offers a good opportunity to review the existing security requirements and implement these again from scratch. At this pre-productive stage changes in the security environment can be implemented and tested. 
The security settings of the SAP systems are continuously monitored and logged by an own Rödl & Partner SAP monitoring solution.

Certified hybrid SAP systems

The operation of hybrid solutions especially requires appropriate security and monitoring of the complete system. In consultation with you, we develop the appropriate hybrid solutions including strict security measures.

Use of modern SAP database architecture

Business agility and fast innovation make you more competitive. Modern database architectures such as SAP HANA, S/4HANA or ORACLE in-memory technology offer you considerably higher performance with a significantly better utilisation of the existing IT system.

Secure hybrid, future-oriented solutions

We offer a standardised architecture and intelligent realisation of future-oriented, secure hybrid solutions in an SAP environment. This enables you to have more flexible business applications because we substantially reduce the complexity of the whole system.

Integration of intelligent cloud strategies

The market situation today requires solutions which can be quickly adapted to your SAP environment. Intelligent cloud strategies lead to lower costs, higher speed and easy handling of the complete SAP ERP solution.  ​



Do you have any questions on the SAP hybrid solutions from Rödl & Partner? ​Markus ​Merk​ (+49 711 7819 144 30) or Klaus Lehnen​​ (+49 6864 8906 1452) will be happy to help you.


​​In times of increasing digitalization, the topics of cloud management and IT security are more important than ever for companies. However, the significance and opinions on these topics differ widely.

Whereas IT security used to be a side issue, it has now become an indispensable core IT topic. Today, IT security focuses on cybersecurity with an emphasis on defense against ransomware and hacker attacks.

Everyone is talking about the cloud, but there is usually no differentiation between the various types - public, private and hybrid. But where are the differences? And which model is right for your company? We explain.


What does this mean for companies? It is no longer enough to concentrate on good business continuity and only complete the minimum workload in the area of confidentiality, such as "state of the art" or according to GDPR. It is much more important to analyze which cybersecurity threat scenarios play a role for the company and to develop suitable protective measures based on this.

The basis for this is, among other things, a living ISMS (Information Security Management System), which deals with the entire matter and subjects the important cornerstones to a recurring review.

Whether CIP (continuous improvement process) or PDCA (plan-do-check-act): It is essential for companies to check the current level of protection cyclically for potential new risks and to react appropriately. We help you to do this.


In contrast to IT security, compliance represents the regulatory framework. External and internal audits take place in regular cycles to ensure compliance. Audits are important at all levels involved: from the infrastructure (certification of data centers by TÜV according to DIN EN 50600), actual IT operations (certification according to ISO 27001) to compliance with legal requirements (according to IDW PS951 Type 2 standard).

Vendor-specific requirements also fall under the company's internal compliance rules. For example, the manufacturer-specific requirements of SAP are fully audited and fulfilled. Rödl IT Operation GmbH holds the following SAP certificates: SAP® Certified in Hosting Operations, SAP® Certified in SAP HANA® Operations and SAP® Certified in Cloud and Infrastructure Operations.


The private cloud is an on-demand provisioning model which, in contrast to the public cloud, allows more intervention by the user. It offers access to intermediate layers of physical and virtual infrastructure and thus more individuality. At the same time, it offers control and security, as this form of cloud computing is not shared with other companies.

The real advantages of the private cloud lie in its adaptability: the respective company can configure its cloud environment individually to meet specific business requirements. Computer, storage and network capacities are adapted to customer needs and are not subject to the restrictions of the public cloud. As a result, they are often used by medium to large organizations with business-critical processes that would not benefit without the adaptability and interface flexibility.

At Rödl & Partner, we offer customized cloud solutions for our clients.


Public cloud solutions focus on pre-invested and prefabricated infrastructures in large and shared data centers, which are made available to the customer very flexibly and also reliably. The customer does not have access to the physical servers. Rather, it is on a virtual level, which is shared by several customers. The great advantage of public clouds lies in the simple and easy provision and implementation of IT services.

Self-service portals enable comparatively simple entry into the public cloud world. On the other hand, there is a partially restricted possibility of adapting the infrastructures there: the services are highly standardized and cannot be adapted to the company's own requirements, or only to a limited extent. As a result, however, the public cloud provider offers high security standards and implements them stringently to a large extent.  


Are you looking for solutions for your company in the area of cloud, backup and storage? delivers the right solutions from a single source and according to German guidelines. The data center and the system world for online backup, online storage and cloud are located in Frankfurt.

In addition to data exchange platforms such as box.cloudgermany - for data exchange and storage, we also offer data backup from the public cloud to cloudgermany. Your data is encrypted and backed up in highly secure data centers in Frankfurt. In case of data loss, you can easily retrieve your data according to predefined scenarios. This is the prerequisite for quickly resuming your business activities.


Hybrid cloud management combines the best of both worlds - cloud and on-premise. It thus ensures that entry into public cloud solutions is possible alongside the on-premise world. An important aspect of this is the risk management of cloud dependency, which seeks a risk-reducing mix of on-premise use and public cloud use.

While there are companies that often move fully to the cloud, for other companies this is problematic or impossible due to their structure.

Many companies mostly use individual on-premise solutions with a high degree of maturity in active operation. Due to the severely limited customization options in the cloud, hybrid scenarios have to be built: In this way, on-premise individuality can be combined with the advantages of the public cloud.


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