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As a full service provider with a range of services based on the plan-build-run method, Rödl & Partner offers you integrated ERP solutions and extensive services.  
Our Microsoft Dynamics AX approach is fully integrated. Our objective is to understand and support the whole of your value-added process.

MS Dynamics AX basic operational services from Rödl & Partner

As a full service provider in the area of MS Dynamics AX we offer you a one-stop shop for all of the services you require:
MS Dynamics AX basic operational services from Rödl & Partner 
In practice, for example, we support you with
  • Support for process-related applications, such as with MS Dynamics AX application management 
  • Planning, coordination and execution of international and complex MS Dynamics AX roll-outs with central computer centre operations
  • Development and use of industry-specific templates in the area of MS Dynamics AX
Rödl & Partner offers you the following in a flexible manner and not dependent on consumption 
  • High available, high performance infrastructure-as-a-service platforms in the field of IT infrastructure providing
  • Computer centre services as required. 

​We provide support for your MS Dynamics AX systems in customer-oriented organisational structures with application and database operations.


Do you have any questions regarding the Dynamics AX hybrid solutions from Rödl & Partner? Markus Merk​ ( +49 711 7819 144 30) will be happy to help you. ​


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Markus Merk

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+49 711 7819 144 30

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