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WAN-Management and VoIP-Services

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Network & Communications Hybrid
In your outsourcing process, the WAN connection and the network security concept are important components which ensure that your IT applications are successfully relocated.
In the competence centre for network and security, Rödl & Partner offers you the following services: 
  • Operation of certified firewall environments
  • Design and operation of VoIP and non-VoIP in global LAN and WAN  infrastructures
  • Management of different carriers in an MPLS and internet environment
  • Commercial and technical improvement of your global WAN concepts by means of internet VPN and WAN acceleration solutions
  • Design and operation of secure WAN connections to your customers, partners and cloud services worldwide


Operation of certified firewall environments

After you have opted for an outsourcing solution, in consultation with you we develop an appropriate security concept.
This is the best way to protect your outsourced systems in your LAN.
In the transition phase the existing security requirements are checked and re-implemented. This allows the implementation and testing of changes to the security environment in systems which are not yet in a productive environment.

Design and operation of VoIP and non-VoIP services

The operation of voice over IP (VoIP) presents particular challenges to the quality of your LAN and WAN environments. We develop and look after appropriate VoIP-ready networks for you.

Carriers in an MPLS and internet environment

In particular with full service outsourcing, you can reduce costs in the WAN environment through the use of the services of different and also regional carriers. We develop and operate WAN concepts for different carriers and control the routing across carrier borders and also at an international level.

Improvement of WAN concepts

The fine-tuning of WAN concepts is relevant to two areas. Firstly, it is necessary to examine the existing concept to reduce costs. In this respect we realise low-cost VPN solutions for you on the basis of the internet. 


Secondly, the applications frequently have to be accelerated via the WAN. In this respect Rödl & Partner develops and operates solutions developed exclusively for you.

Secure WAN connections​

In particular during the outsourcing transition phase it is possible that your existing WAN connections have to be examined with regard to security criteria and improved in this respect. In consultation with you we develop the appropriate WAN connections for your company, your business partners and for the integration of cloud services.​


Do you have any questions regarding the network and communications hybrid services from Rödl & Partner? Markus Merk​ ( +49 711 7819 144 30) or Klaus Clemens​​ (+49 6864 8906 2568) will be happy to help you.​



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 Our certifications

​​​​​The IT services from Rödl & Partner are ISO 27001 certified

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