Technological Implementation


Information has become a vital success factor for companies and digitisation professionalises knowledge management. The result: In respect of big data, the analytical processes are now being focused on beyond mere data management.

Technological Implementation

While data management focusses on collecting, extracting, cleaning and presenting data, analytics is about analysing and interpreting models. The “analytics” process step introduces “intelligence” into the business. 

To this end, Rödl & Partner maps the entire data processing and analytics chain:
  • We can use ETL tools (Extract, Transform, Load) to extract and enrich the crucial data from the various data bases that are already integrated into your IT landscape.
  • Thus, the necessary added values will be displayed to your end users in the front-end.
  • We will set up a new data base for you – be it on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Alternatively, we will develop an analysis cube in a data warehouse. 

The Self-Service BI approach is intended to enable all end users to easily view and edit their most recent data on their preferred device. We ensure this by using performance-optimised data flow.

As a Microsoft Power BI-Partner we also have chosen to rely on this end user tool because it allows us to better implement all business goals. Compatibility with Microsoft Excel is ensured at all times. Thanks to the connection with Flow and Power BI alerts other Microsoft applications or web apps can be installed.

BI Product Portfolio 
BI Product Portfolio

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