Streamlining planning processes


 Streamlining planning processes and deriving follow-up activities

Increased complexity, a growing number of participants and the sheer volume of data make the topic of planning more of a cost driver than an efficient management tool for many companies. This does not have to be the case: specialized IT tools support companies in streamlining their planning processes.

IT-supported planning processes improve planning quality, simplify the adaptability of planning data and accelerate and structure the planning process. In addition, an integrated approach enables direct plan-actual analysis. The tools make it possible to provide the right information at the right time in order to formulate fact-based expectations for the future. On such a basis, even short-term changes in market conditions can be mapped in planning rounds. In this way, IT-supported planning processes enable well-founded, future-oriented entrepreneurial action.



Increasing company sizes lead to more complex planning processes. Coordinating and controlling these purely in terms of organization and processes is only possible up to a certain point, because above a certain level of complexity, the effort and risk of error increase abruptly. IT tools specialized in planning applications can help here to structurally map and support even the most complex planning process. However, this digitization step will only be successful if your company is prepared to optimize the entire planning process and not just move the old process to a new tool. 


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