Operational excellence


Operative excellence

Process excellence as a prerequisite for profitable growth

Every time a product or a service originates for a customer, added value and waste is produced within a value stream. The art lies in observing the value stream, identifying waste and tailoring the value added chain and its processes to the customer's needs.


Short turn-around time is becoming of increasing importance to customers, especially in the current economic upturn and related high demand. We support you with in-depth analyses of your value added processes, utilising lean management principles during realignment so that the aforementioned customer requirement can best be satisfied.


Our work is based on three core assumptions:

1. A waste-free company is the prerequisite for profitable growth.


2. The creation of waste-free processes serves to achieve three main goals: to raise quality, to shorten turn-around times and to reduce total costs.


3. The concepts of Lean Management can be applied to practically all processes and functions within a company as well as to all sectors and branches of industry.


Our work begins with

  • the mapping of value streams and processes within your company,
  • the identification of starting points and related objectives and
  • the development of a holistic approach.


In this process, key performance indicators and performance measurement tools are essential to manage improvement activities and employees.

Growth without investments

We also stand by your side in the growth phase. The identification of hidden reserves through a structured analysis and optimisation based on lean principles that is aimed at eliminating waste is a possible solution to increase machine capacity without making expensive investments in staff or machines. In this manner, the liquidity of a company is maintained – its performance should not progress at the expense of its liquidity. Instead, the optimisation of processes will serve to reduce the demand for liquidity generated from operations, through e.g. the reduction of high stock levels and thus unnecessary tied-up capital.

Continuous improvement for sustainable success

Another important aspect is the involvement of employees in improvement activities and the implementation of a continuous improvement process. This process lays the groundwork for Lean Management. Much more vital than individual improvements is the creation of an environment of continuous learning and the attitude of all stakeholders to not only accept changes but to also actively support their implementation.


The ultimate objective of management is to create this environment, to communicate goals in a transparent manner, to involve all employees and support them with encountered problems. We help you to engage your employees in lean management processes so that they can contribute to the improvement of the company.

Concept implementation

In all phases of lean implementation, a structured approach in the conception and implementation is vital. Special attention should be paid to the interplay of various improvement measures that differ across companies. Optimisation issues should therefore be defined on a case-by-case basis.


Experienced consultants offer training in selected issues related to lean principles and assist you in their implementation within operational processes. In the end, the concept is successful only when it is implemented – and this is the focal point of our work.




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