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1. Automotive industry​

The automotive industry including its suppliers is responsible for more than 20% of the manufacturing industry in Germany. It is therefore the strongest business sector in the country.

The market has again enjoyed strong growth, but the annual sales of roughly 400 billion euros remains at a level which is lower than prior to the crisis. The sales markets of China and North America are particularly important for the sector. In that respect trends and political decisions are an important factor for sales and success.

The challenges facing the automotive industry are primarily higher cost pressure and an ever increasing amount of variations and differentiation in production.

Furthermore, new growth markets have to be opened up and the need for new products satisfied. This is especially true for alternative drive systems and the developments regarding Industry 4.0. Those who wish to be successful on the market have to master these challenges. A constant drive towards efficiency in all areas of the value chain worldwide is essential.

Key data in Germany in 2015:
  • Sales:  approx. 405 billion euros
  • No. of companies: roughly 950
  • No. of employees: around 800,000

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​​2. Mechanical engineering​

The field of mechanical engineering is the second strongest area of sales for the manufacturing industry in Germany. In 2015 the sector achieved zero growth, but was nevertheless able to reach the record level of 2014 with a nominal production value of roughly 201 billion euros.

The industry is very varied and consists of many sub sectors. A third of the sub sectors, however, is suffering from lower incoming orders and therefore has excess capacity.

The challenges for the field of mechanical engineering are mainly cost pressure and the ever higher quality of imported but cheaper products from competitors.
In addition, the sector is obliged to keep pace with the times with regard to digitalisation and Industry 4.0. Forecasts for the sector show an increase in the gross added value from 2013 to 2025 by roughly a third due to Industry 4.0. In order to hold its market position or expand, the opening up of markets, the creation of new products and business models to increase sales, and the reduction of costs along the whole of the value chain will be critical for success.

Key data in Germany in 2015:
  • Sales:  roughly 218 billion euros
  • No. of companies: roughly  6,400
  • No. of employees: roughly 1 million

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3. Metal production and metalworking​

With roughly 94 billion euros and about 297,000 employees the steel and metalworking industry is one of the biggest industrial sectors in Germany.

The companies in the area of metal production and metalworking are important suppliers to the automotive industry, the mechanical engineering industry, the electronics and electrical industry, the construction trade and retail industries and the construction industry. In the sector dominated by German medium-sized companies there is a high degree of concentration and intense competition.

Although the sector recorded moderate growth in 2016, there remain a number of hurdles which will have to be mastered. In particular, the environmental and energy regulations are a bigger challenge than ever before for companies in this sector. The relatively high energy prices in Germany are the reason that energy costs are a cost factor which cannot be ignored. In many companies this makes energy efficiency an important issue.

In addition to energy costs, raw material prices are developing dynamically which in particular influence the steel market and currently are influenced by a lack of supply of the coking coal forcing prices in China to rise.

Key data in Germany in 2015:
  • Sales: roughly 94 billion euros
  • No. of companies: about 3.900
  • No. of employees: approx. 297.000

Contact us – Rödl & Partner is at your service: you can reach Jens Hinkelmann by email or telephone at +49 911 5979 60.



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