Investing abroad


​The experts at Rödl & Partner advise entrepreneurs and companies of all legal forms when venturing into other countries. Each investment made abroad in connection with private or company assets is subject to special tax regulations. An investment abroad can quickly become very expensive without tax consulting due to the threat of double taxation or due to the fact that associated costs cannot be deducted.


We offer comprehensive support in the following areas:
  • Choice of location abroad designed to mitigate tax
  • Choice of legal form abroad designed to mitigate tax
  • Founding and development of an international subsidiary abroad
  • Avoidance of undesired operating facilities 
  • Profit determination of operating facilities
  • International holding structures / group structures designed to mitigate tax 
  • Financing of investments made abroad designed to mitigate tax
  • Repatriation of profits designed to mitigate tax
  • Avoidance of withholding tax abroad
  • Exploitation of double taxation agreement designed to mitigate tax
  • Fine-tuning of domestic tax situation with regard to investments abroad


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Dr. Susanne Kölbl


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Prof. Dr. Florian Haase, M.I.Tax

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