External tax audits


We offer support for external tax audits and assist with negotiations with the financial authorities

The announcement of a tax audit is frequently enough to instil fear and terror even in the heart of a thoroughly law-abiding entrepreneur. In the course of an external tax audit the financial authorities examine your tax circumstances. The audit period usually goes back 3 years. In the process a number of tax types are usually examined.
You can assign our experienced experts to handle the audit process right from the start. You benefit from their view of the big picture and their extensive experience. Prior to the audit we ensure that the auditor only has access to the data to which they are legally entitled. An experienced tax consultant then remains at your side and prepares the documents required by the auditor. They are the first contact person for the auditor. We naturally do not accept the audit results without careful examination. We ask critical questions and where appropriate appeal against the audit opinion. In order to best enforce your interests, we try to find a compromise with the auditor where there are legal borderline cases.
You should already be aware of legal borderline cases and tax risks to your tax circumstances and their possible consequences before the external tax audit is announced. During the complete audit this serves to ensure clarity and certainty. If your tax affairs are managed by Rödl & Partner, then prior to the audit we have already provided professional services for the financial accounting, annual financial statement, tax returns and tax planning and have made you aware of any potential risks.
On request our experts will examine your data in advance with the same software which the German financial authorities use and elaborate a strategy for the event of a later tax audit.
You can rely on us. With our committed specialists at your side you are well prepared for the tax audit and can look calmly into the eyes of the tax auditor.


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