The increasing degree of internationalisation and growing tax competition today make financing questions a key issue of structural decisions made in connection with tax planning. Easier access to international capital markets together with excellent flexibility with alternative financing possibilities enable the entrepreneur to establish financing structures which take tax planning into account. However, special new tax standards are increasingly leading to the regulation of international financing possibilities, thereby also increasing the complexity.
Rödl & Partner supports and advises you with the implementation of an individual multi-period financing structure for your corporate group to realise your goals and take tax planning into account with a one-stop shop across international borders.
We are happy to support you in the following areas:
  • Avoidance of double taxation with financing structures
  • Exploitation of tax rate differences
  • Use of financing companies 
  • Hybrid financing tools
  • Cash pooling systems
  • Company financing in restructuring situations
  • Improvement of acquisition financing
  • Financing allocation/debt push down strategies
  • Transfer pricing


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Prof. Dr. Florian Haase, M.I.Tax

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