Against the historical background that Portugal was already known in the 15th and 16th centuries as a trading and explorer nation, it remains a popular location for German investments and is experiencing a boom in various sectors of the economy.


Due to the considerable adaptability and restructuring capability of the Portuguese economy, leading to an increase in exports of goods and services, as well as a boom in the start-up scene of the capital and the significant trade relations with Germany, Rödl & Partner is present in Portugal with own offices in Lisbon and Porto.


After Spain, Germany is Portugal’s most important trading partner. Since the beginning of the last century, German companies have been active in Portugal with sales subsidiaries and production sites. The most important area for investors is the industrial sector with its highly qualified workforce, particularly automobile production, medical technology and since recently also information technology and renewable energies. At the same time, the Portuguese textile and clothing industry is posting record numbers and is praised internationally for its professionalism. The tourism sector has also grown significantly over the last years – Portugal is a popular tourist destination and one of the most important traditional markets of the international tourism industry. The country is an important and growing trading partner with Germany and other markets of the European Union.


According to the European Commission's European Innovation Scoreboard 2017, Portugal is considered to be a moderate innovator with an innovation-friendly environment, attractive research systems and human resources, further emphasising the country’s positive development and Lisbon’s rise to one of the largest start-up hubs in Europe.


Rödl & Partner offers professional services in the areas of accounting, auditing, legal and tax as well as management and IT consulting.

Contact in Portugal

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Filipe Lobo d’Avila

+351 212 4726 88

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Contact in Germany

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Dr. Susana Campos Nave

Senior Associate

+49 30 8107 9539
+49 30 8107 9543

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