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Rödl & Partner Poland in the 16th Ranking of Tax Firms and Advisers by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna


published on 4 April 2022


Rödl & Partner Poland ranked 2nd in the Ranking of the largest tax firms in the category of large enterprises, that is those hiring at least 10 qualified advisers. This means that we were only two places behind the 'Big Four'.  


In terms of 2021 revenues, we were ranked 4th in the category of large enterprises.

In addition, we ranked high in categories without grouping – TOP 30:

  • in terms of the number of tax advisors – 6th place
  • in terms of the number of clients – 6th place

Dominika Tyczka-Szyda, Tax Adviser and Associate Partner at Rödl & Partner, ranked 3rd among TOP tax advisers in CIT category.

In terms of digitalisation of taxes, we were also recognised for our cross-selling tool and PIT calculator.

The 16th Ranking of Tax Firms and Advisers by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna was divided into three main categories: the largest firms, the best firms and the best tax advisers in 2021. The ranking positions reflected firms' performance and achievements, and in individual categories – the advisers' successes.


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