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Welcome to the Q2/2022 edition of our ASEAN Newsflash.


This quarter has been vastly dominated by political reactions to the war atrocities seen in the Ukraine, behind which many developments in international trade stand back or require adjustment. The looming new geopolitical situation impacts ASEAN markets as well. While Singapore has joined the international sanctions initiative against Russia, most other Southeast Asian nations have not yet taken a clear diplomatic stance on the situation.
Countries in the region have various levels of exposure to the Russian economy but, as already seen in other regions, higher food (especially in respect of wheat and fertilizer imports) and commodity prices as well as certain supply chain disruptions are likely to occur. Manufacturing sec-tors in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines already face shortages of semi-finished iron and steel, with impact on the production of cars, electronics and machinery. We have discussed the need to revamp supply chains with several clients in the last weeks, and are glad that in most cases suitable alternatives could swiftly be found. 
These and many other actual trade related issues will be discussed on our annual Forum Global on 30 June, and we would be pleased to welcome you for a personal exchange of ideas. Program and registration details can be found HERE


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