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​Welcome to the Q3/2023 edition of our ASEAN Newsflash.

In this edition we look at current employment regulations for domestic and foreign staff in Indonesia as well as in Singapore, where work visa application proceedings have recently been revamped. Singapore will further increase its Goods and Services Tax from currently 8 percent to 9 percent from January 2024 on, which will require adaption of accounting, invoicing and sales systems as well price lists to the new rate. 
We will discuss these and many other topics in our upcoming ASEAN Forum on 7 September, which will be held in Bangkok this time. Various sessions on current topics will include current aspects of regional cross-border staffing, de-risking practices amid tensed trade politics and selected M&A case studies. And next to our panel discussion on economic outlook and strategies in the ASEAN region, there will of course be plenty of networking opportunity. 
We are gladly looking forward to an interesting exchange of thoughts; if you would like to join the event you can find more information and register online HERE.
Looking forward to meeting you in person in Bangkok!
Sincerely yours,
Markus Schlueter



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