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 Issue June 2021

Provision of compliant work conditions for employees in summer

  • Permissible temperature for working indoors
  • Work conditions for working outside work premises
  • Provision of compliant work conditions if an employee works remotely
  • Additional measures to be implemented at the work place for ensuring employee well-being
  • Employees may refuse to perform work if the work conditions are not compliant

Covid-19 vaccination and the employer’s rights and obligations

  • Voluntary nature of the vaccination
  • Measures available to the employer to protect other employees and customers from Covid-19
  • Promotion of vaccinations of employees at a company
  • Processing of vaccination information

Remote work from abroad - the employer's rights and obligations

  • Applicable legal provisions
  • Immigration issues
  • Taxes
  • Labour safety
  • Data security and protection

Obligation to maintain trade secret

  • Employers’ obligations to define the trade secret and introduce measures for its protection
  • Notifying the employee
  • Employee's obligations
  • Consequences of disclosing the trade secret


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