Cooperation and company transactions


Increasing competition in energy distribution, ever more regulatory requirements and the resulting higher cost pressure on grid networks together with the expansion of the generation possibilities are forcing many energy suppliers to rethink their strategy. More and more energy suppliers are therefore considering entering into cooperation agreements and/or mergers. These plans require thorough analysis beforehand and competent assistance for their implementation.


Tasks and steps

If you are considering cooperating with a second public utility or energy supplier, we can offer comprehensive assistance with our many years of experience in this area, coupled with our interdisciplinary consulting approach (one-stop shop for legal, tax and management consulting) and thereby support you at all stages of the transaction process.
In a first step it is advisable to prepare a strategic concept and define the objectives of the cooperation and requirements for the partner. The main tasks of the transaction process are then the execution of a tender to find a partner, the valuation of the company and the actual bidding negotiations. These are accompanied by legal consulting, especially company law and also tax consulting. Additional information from the supervisory body and the political representative of the client are essential for the success of the project.
The following services are important for the success of a transaction project:
    • Preparation of a feasibility study
    • Assistance for the transaction through target-oriented project management
    • Preparation of an information memorandum
    • Search for a suitable cooperation partner
    • Due diligence audits (financial, commercial, tax, legal)
    • Tax planning
    • Preparation of a business plan
    • Execution of company valuations
  • Financial consulting
  • Negotiation management
  • Preparation of company contracts (consortium agreement and articles of association)
  • Preparation of service contracts
  • Advice on employment law
  • Process consulting
  • IT consulting

Dialogue with the board

In recent years we have successfully assisted clients with numerous transaction projects in various forms (merger, disposal of shares, increase of capital stock) from the first idea through to the implementation. Please feel free to contact us so that we can have an in-depth discussion about your plans.


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