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Our interdisciplinary Sustainability Services team supports companies in embracing sustainable development as a management topic. Together, we shape your transformation process toward a sustainable business.


In recent years, the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have amplified. Businesses are expected to manage their impact on the environment and society. It is critical to adopt a strategic approach to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy for long-term success. Companies must drive sustainable development – after all, their “license to operate” is at stake.


Stakeholders expect transparent communication on a wide range of topics: Climate change, resource scarcity, respect for human rights, compliance management, occupational health and safety, supply chain responsibility, etc. Financial reporting must therefore be supplemented by environmental and social aspects. Companies have to take a close look at their business model and the effects of economic activity.


Rödl & Partner supports businesses in identifying the opportunities and risks arising from the context of sustainable development. We will assist you in complying with new regulatory requirements, drafting a sustainability report or analysing your business model. With our profound, interdisciplinary expertise, our team will advise you on any concern.


You will find an overview of our audit and consulting portfolio on CSR, ESG and sustainability below:

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Martin Wambach

Managing Partner

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CSR Management, Energy

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Kai Imolauer


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Auditing & Reporting

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Christian Maier


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